The following information relates to the policy of cookies for tool surf.


The standard practice observed by all professional websites is their use of cookies. AllIMTools in this regard is no different. If you are new to internet surfing, you may wonder what a cookie is. To ensure a smooth surfing experience, tiny files are downloaded to the users' device known as cookies. On this page, you will find all details pertaining to the use and storage of cookies. You will also find information on how to prevent the storage of cookies. This however, may reduce the functionality of the sites or disrupt some of its elements.

If you require more general information on the use of cookies, you may refer to Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies.


Below you will find multifarious reasons for the use of cookies. However, the sad part is that no industry standard process has yet been introduced for the disabling of cookies. Any attempt to do so might cause a complete disruption in the site’s features and functionality. In case of any uncertainty or confusion it is highly recommended that you leave all the cookies on while surfing so that you may easily access the services you are seeking.


You may adjust the settings of the cookies as per to your liking. All you have to do is go to the settings option on your browser (refer to help on your browser for this) and choose what suits you best. However, you need to remember that deactivation of cookies is bound to affect the smooth functioning of the websites you plan to access. Deactivation of cookies almost always results in incapacitating the features and functionality of the sites being accessed. Therefore it is highly recommended and stressed upon that deactivation of cookies should be refrained from as much as possible.

For this purpose, you may refer to the menu of “Preferences” or “Options” on your browser. If you require further assistance to understand these settings better, you may visit the following links.



If you create an account on AllIMTools, then the cookies that will be used will mainly relate to the signing up process and the general administration thereafter In case a user logs out, these cookies are usually deleted. In some cases however, the cookies remain even after signing out for the sole purpose of remembering the user’s site preferences.


Every time a user logs in, cookies are used by AllIMTools to acknowledge and mark this fact. This saves the user from the trouble of having to sign in all over again when he/she revisits the page. When the user logs out, these cookies are customarily then cleared or removed to ensure that only certain restricted areas and features can be accessed.


One of the highlights of this site is that it offers subscription services for newsletters and emails. For this purpose, the site uses cookies to easily remember if a user is already registered whether it is required to send periodic notifications or not. Certain notifications are often only valid to unsubscribed/subscribed users.


Another service provided by this site is the facility of payments or ecommerce. For this service, cookies are an integral element to ensure that the orders are correctly remembered between the pages and are processed accurately for hundred percent user satisfaction.


Users are often required to submit data through online forms like the ones found on comment forms or contact pages. If such a process involves any future correspondence then cookies are used to help remember the user’s details.


Our site’s priority is to ensure a great experience for you. With this aim in mind, we provide you with options to give you the liberty to choose your preferences and to customize the functioning of our site as per your liking.


Trusted third parties are one of our valuable sources of providing cookies in special circumstances. The following information will tell you all about the cookies of third parties you may encounter on AllIMTools.

Google Analytics is one of the most trusted sources used by AllIMTools for a widespread analytics solution available on the web. This provides great assistance to us in better understanding how users navigate this site and helps us come up with ideas to constantly upgrade and improve the users’ experience. Some of the basic functions of these cookies include keeping a track of how much time users spend on an average on our site, what pages are regularly visited and what stimulation content we, as a site, can produce to keep you thoroughly engaged.

You may visit the official page of Google Analytics if you need more detailed information on cookies provided by Google Analytics.

One reason why our site requires the help of third party analytics is that they are able to constantly track and accurately measure the complete usage of our sites. This further enables us to constantly produce engaging and competent content for our users. These cookies are like our agents, which tell us how long you have spent on our sites, which pages you visit the most and give us an insight into constantly upgrading and improving the quality of our site for our valued users.

We pride ourselves on regularly upgrading new features after thoroughly testing them and bringing about subtle changes in the overall functioning and delivery of the site. Even in our experimental stage, where new features are being tested, we use these cookies to maintain a consistent and a steady path of experience for you on our site. All during this time, our site is constantly gauging the optimizations that are most appreciated and applauded by our users.

Understanding of statistics is a key element when we sell our products. It is imperative for us to know accurately how many of our users actually make purchases on our site and this is the data for which the cookies are most useful. This is a vital process for us as it enables us to make accurate business predictions and gives us the allowance of monitoring our costs of product and advertising and work out the best possible market price.

To allow our users multiple ways in which to connect with their social network, we enlist the use of plugins and social media buttons. To make this work, the features of the social media sites and the social networks that have been integrated by the users with our site, will put in place cookies. These cookies will then contribute to the data of the users and enhance the user profile on the various sites for a variety of purposes pertaining to their respective policies for privacy.


We hope that thus far all your confusions have been clarified. However, we still highly recommend and lay emphasis on the fact that the cookies are best left on and not disabled even when not required. This will ensure minimum disruption of the features provided by the site.

Some of the third-party websites are enlisted below for more information.