The (“Services”) website is operated by the (“we”, “our” or “us”) AllIMTools. The purpose of creating this page is to inform the users of our policies regarding the use, collection, and exposure of personal data while using our services and the choices relevant to that data. For the provision and improvement of our services, we require your data. By availing our services, you agree to give us access to your information and collection and allow us to use the information as per our policy. Until stated contrarily in this Privacy Policy, the terms used here are the same in meaning and definition as in our terms and conditions, which can be reviewed on


Our regular practice is collecting diverse information for multiple purposes including constantly upgrading and providing services to our users.



While availing our services, you may be asked to provide certain personal information for identity verification and to help us contact you or easily indentify you.

Information asked to make you personally identifiable to us may include:

  • Data and cookie usage
  • Email address.

It is however to be noted that information asked may not be necessarily restricted to the above mentioned.


This data includes information that is gathered to assess how the services are accessed and made use of (“Usage Data”). Information that is included in the consumption data may include the Protocol Address of your computer’s internet e.g.(IP address), version, type of browser, pages visited of our services, date and time of the visits, duration of the visits, diagnostic data and identifiers of unique devices.


To contain certain information and to keep track of all the activities happening on our service, we make use of cookies and tracking technologies that are similar in nature.

Cookies are typically files made up of a tiny amount of data. A unique identifier may also be anonymously included in it. Your browser receives cookies from a website and your device then stores them. Tools that aid in the tracking and collection of information and in the analysis and improvement of our services include tags, beacons and strips, which are a part of most tracking technologies.

Your browser may act upon your instructions of refusing all cookies or notifying when new cookies are sent. Certain segments of our services maybe unavailable to you in case you refuse to accept cookies at any given time.

Following are the examples of some our cookies:

  • Session Cookies: For the operation of our services, session cookies are used
  • Security Cookies: For the sake of security, cookies are used to ensure safety.
  • Preference Cookies: To help remember our users’ different settings and preferences, we make use of preference cookies.


The gathered data is used for multiple purposes by the AllIMTools

  • For the provision and maintenance of service
  • To send notifications to users regarding any changes in our services
  • To give the users the choice of participation in our Service’s interactive features.
  • To ensure the users of our customers care and support
  • To provide valuable information and analysis for the improvement of our services.
  • To accurately assess service usage
  • For immediate detection, prevention and address of the technical issues.


Computers situated in foreign countries and operating under foreign governmental jurisdiction may receive your personal data and other information through transfer. In such cases, the users need to be aware of the fact that jurisdiction of foreign countries may practice a different set of laws pertaining to data protection.

If a user residing outside the USA, chooses to send his/her personal data to us, we will be bound by our standard practice to transfer the user information to USA and process it there.

We consider it as a consent on the users’ behalf if he/she agrees to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy and submits their personal information to us.

AllIMTools assure that all necessary steps will be taken to safeguard your data and ensure that it will be treated in observance of the privacy policy.

Any other country or region that does not provide satisfactory control in terms of the security of user data and personal information will not receive any information transfers from us.


For certain legal requirements, the AllIMTools may be required to disclose your personal data as a goodwill gesture. The following reasons may necessitate such an action:

  • Defending and protecting property rights of ALLIMTOOLS
  • Safeguarding against legal protection liability
  • In conformity with a legal obligation
  • Protecting the safety of the public and the users of the service
  • As a means of investigating and preventing any probable wrongdoings linked with the service.


We never undermine the security of our users’ data but it is also an acknowledged fact that the internet can never have a 100% secure and foolproof system of electronic storage and data transfer. There is always an element of risk involved. While we do our utmost to provide commercially acceptable means of data protection, we however cannot provide 100% guarantee of security.


Several individuals and third party companies are often under our employ to assist us, to provide services related to ours, to render services often on our behalf and to help better analyze the scope to which our services our used.

We do not however, under any circumstances, give these individuals and third parties the liberty to expose or exploit your personal data. They are only allowed access to it by us to provide services to you on our behalf.


Our service may include some links to refer to you other sites that are not operated by us. These links are usually those of the third parties and you may access them by clicking on the links. You are however, strongly advised to thoroughly review the privacy policy of each site before accessing them.

We accept no responsibility and exercise no control over the privacy policies, content or the practices established by any third-party services or sites.


Our service does not cater to children or those under 18 years of age. Our service does allow access or accept personal identifiable information from minors. We implore all guardians and parents to duly notify us if you discover your child’s attempt to transfer his/her personal data. If we discover any child’s data that was sent to us in the absence of parental consent of verification, we will take immediate steps to delete the data from our servers.


Our privacy policy is subject to modifications and changes from time-to-time. Any changes will immediately be updated on our page to keep our users posted.

Additionally, users will also be sent a prominent notification or an email prior to the implementation of the changes. All users will be duly be informed of the date when the changes will become effective.

Users are requested to periodically visit our privacy policy for stay updated on any new postings. Any modifications in the privacy policy become effective when they are posted on this page.