AllIMTools offers a complete money back guarantee within 24 hours. If you discover that AllIMTools is not your perfect fit even after you have signed up for it, then despair not. AllIMTools allows you to claim a refund. All you have to do is go to the menu click on > Support then > Request a refund and then fill in all the details and voila! Your refund will be undoubtedly processed within three working days.

So what happens if at the time of purchase, you find the tools in perfect working condition but find the service collapsing say in about five days?

We pride ourselves on our transparency. Our refund policy is foolproof which means you would not be required to take up your case to Instamojo or PayPal. Just make your way to the menu> then > Support then >Request a refund and that’s done.

Your request for a refund typically takes three working days for processing between Monday and Friday. The method followed is the same as the original payment for refunding your claim’s net price.