Please make sure that you have thoroughly read the agreement before you make a decision to purchase.

1. We monitor our tools very closely. You are therefore, not allowed to rent, sell or share our browser, tools, accounts or services to any third parties. If we come across any such perpetrator, we will immediately ban the account permanently.

2. We do not allow more than one person to avail our services at a time. We already provide reasonably priced services and thus request multiple users to purchase for themselves multiple subscriptions if needed.

3. Our services only cater to small scale organizations and entrepreneurs. Excessive usage of tools is not permissible as our approximate ratio is 1:30 of tools. If you are seeking tools for heavy usage, kindly purchase a subscription for specific tools. Any failure to adhere to this will compel us to ban your account permanently.

4. You are not permitted to return to our site unless you have a subscription in our group buy of three months at least. You will not be allowed to reapply if you have taken a one-month subscription and then cancelled it. We apologize for this but are compelled to protect our tools from being abused.

5. We have designed a verification process to avoid tools from leechers, spammers and harmful users. This process requires the credentials of all users seeking access. This include your original details of Whatsapp and Facebook. You will gain access once verified. Any person, who is not comfortable providing personal information, should not apply.

6. Management of this system requires huge investment. We therefore do not provide refund for little downtime and minor issues.

7. Due to the nature of the service, it's hard to have all tools running at all times. Therefore, we strive to make at least 25 of the 35+ tools available in working condition at any given time.


If you are unable to sell your products on Facebook despite advertising it, do you demand a refund from Facebook? If you purchase a year’s worth of domain name and hosting but never get around to using it, do you receive a refund from GoDaddy? If you set up a store on Shopify but don’t add any products or run any advertisements, but hold on to the subscription for six months, will you a refund from Shopify for the six months subscription? The same rules apply to ALLIMTOOLS Service. We put up offers, allow you to purchase it at your own will, grant you access to everything and thus complete our services. It therefore, does not make you eligible to demand a refund from us. This is generally a sharing service for group purchase of tools. The nature of this service is therefore in contrast to that of others. Maintaining an uptime with our services poses a lot of difficulties but we strive to deliver our best. This is done with the sole intention of making our users our loyal users for life. If you encounter any sort of hitch in our services, kindly inform us via support so that we can rectify the matter immediately.



The confidentiality of our website users and our services is highly respected by AllIMTools. The following summary will update you on our methods collecting information, using it and exposing it as per the requirements of our services.

You agree to the collection of personal data and the methods outlined in this policy when you access our services, continue using them, purchase our products, download or submit the application and willingly provide any information required by our services. The terms stipulated by the service widely govern how you use the service.


AllIMTools periodically makes modifications which are duly posted and revised on the official page. An updated new date placed at the beginning of the page serves as an indication of any changes. AllIMTools will not send emails and contact personally to inform users about the changes.


AllIMTools does not accept information transfers from children or minors under years of age. Any information voluntarily provided by you establishes the fact you being above 18 years of age.


AllIMTools is authorized to gather and hold on to any information provided by you via the services, either by purchasing a product, submitting information through a form or otherwise. Your name, telephone number, email contact, address, disbursements details or any other detail is included but not restricted to in the data the services may require of you.


AllIMTools may approach any outside source for your information, including how you contact AllIMTools or which account you use to log into it (E.g. Google or Facebook). If required, AllIMTools may trace Google or Facebook to pick up links about your profile information including you email address, your profile details made public information, address and whatever other information is stored by the third parties.


Passive information may be collected regarding your device, time of visit, services used, duration of visit, IP address, specifications of web pages visited, web browser type, system of operations used, mobile device information, sources which led you to our services, information on your device and the unique identifiers applicable on it, any IOS or Apple device identifiers or foreign identifiers which link you to your device.


Flash cookies, cookies, locally shared objects and other similar technologies including web beacons are often used by third parties who assist us. Cookies are tiny files containing small amounts of data, which reside in several places including your mobile device, your computers, the emails sent by us and also on our official pages. Cookies generally deliver information such as your browser type, how you are making use of our services, advertisements related data, search preferences, time and date of your activity and so on. Cookies are able to track activities across websites periodically. You have the option of disabling, not all, but some cookies through your browser settings although you are strongly advised against it. Disabling cookies may cause certain disruptions in the services available.


To analyze and collect information concerning your use of our services, AllIMTools may approach vendors and third-party advertisers. They in turn might use other mechanisms or cookies to help us gather the analytical information we ask of them. On the basis of the analysis and data provided to us we are better able to understand how and to what extent our services are used and how we can continue to upgrade them supply relevant data.

The third parties possibly might use your activities spanned over different websites as a source of information which may also work as advertisements focusing on interest, not just on our site but on others as well.


Analytical service providers are used by AllIMTools every now and then including Google and Facebook. Some of the analytical features of Google used by AllIMTools include Remarketing, Double click, Adwords, Google Display Network Impression Reporting, Interest Reporting and Google Analytics Demographics. A combined information from one the above or more services may also be put together.

If you wish to learn in detail how Google uses the collected information by AllIMTools, which in turn makes use of Google’s advertisement and analytics services, please refer to Google’s privacy policy.

If further details are required of Google’s Analytics features employed by AllIMTools please visit (

If you require more information on how to adjust your Ad settings on Google, please visit (

For more details regarding Google’s Analytics Opt-Out browser Add On please visit ( AllIMTools however, does not recommend the use of Add on and does not guarantee the effectiveness of it.

If you require more details on how analytics by Facebook employs and collects data through AllIMTools’ employment of advertising services and Facebook Analytics please see (

The Services allow you the freedom to share and like information on social media communities like Twitter and Facebook and also highlight social media functions. Certain technologies and cookies may supply your information to these features. Such features may be under the employ of and ruled by the privacy policies of the third parties.

AllIMTools does not vouch for any responsive action to do-not-track signals or identical mechanisms. Tracking information may additionally be collected by certain third parties despite your browser’s do-not-track functionality being activated.


AllIMTools only requires the above-mentioned data for legal purposes. Some those include customers, affiliates, connecting sellers, gauging and following usage of services by both groups and individual users, relevant advertisements, personalizing service to better reveal preferences and the enhancement of the uses of services. Particular website users and the information collected may be associated and may likely result in usage information being traced for users.

Your personal information may serve as a source of contact for AllIMTools via mail, regular email, a text, phone call or otherwise concerning your services bought and products, your accounts, the service itself or any other promotional or relevant information and offers established by AllIMTools and its partners. All information provided voluntarily by you indicates your consent to being contacted.


In exception to the limitations posed herein, AllIMTools authorizes the right to pass on, transfer or sell to the outside sources any gathered information for purely lawful purposes and by its sole discretion.


AllIMTools has the liberty to disclose customer information to all sellers and affiliates to whom the customers are linked to for their offered products and services. AllIMTools also exercises the right to pass on gathered information to all sellers whose products and service are advertised by the affiliates and to all the customers as well who purchase the goods and services. The information pertaining to a seller, customer and affiliate may include user name, name, contact details and other relevant information linked to any transactions between the parties.


If a third party is your mode of access to AllIMTools like Google or Facebook, then such parties will also have access to your information concerning your use of AllIMTools. You may review the privacy policies of the third parties if you desire more insight into the information they may gather about you.


To render services on our behalf, AllIMTools may employ the services of contractors, agents and third-party companies. For example; partnering with companies to analyze our web information usage, personalization of pages, processing payments and orders, and so on. During their service time to AllIMTools, these third parties may have access to your personal and non personal information, especially while rendering the service we ask of them.


We may pass on your collected information, even those concerning your purchases, to AllIMTools’ affiliated entities. Marketing purposes may also require for us to pass on your information. In return, you may be contacted by these affiliates and third parties themselves by any mode of contact you offer AllIMTools.


If the law requires any information to be passed on, AllIMTools exercises the right of passing on the information if it strongly believes the disclosure is necessary for lawful purposes. Such purposes may include the protection of personal safety against threats, for the practice and establishment of legal rights and so on.


If any third party takes over AllIMTools or forms a merger at a given time, AllIMTools holds the authority of passing on the user information, either by sale or transfer, to the said party. The concerned third party then takes ownership assumes responsibility of the information with respect to the terms of this policy.


What does AllIMTools do with the user’s data?


Under this section you will learn about some of the main uses of your personal data as per the policy and how it relates to your use of services. We believe our users have certain expectations of from our Service. For this purpose, we use your data to:

  • To enable our site to make our goods and services available to you
  • Your information makes it possible for us to contact to collect feedback on our goods and services and act upon any complaints
  • To bring about changes in our quality and boost our development. To also modify our policy when needed.


While our site is under our close observation, there are certain ways in which your data is uses as is described in this portion of the policy. The following are instances when your personal data is required:

  • To control the trouble shooting, close data scrutiny, survey purposes, internal operations, research, testing, statistics and so on.
  • To create patterns to boost our marketing strategy and to continue upgrading our administration, support and delivery of quality products and services
  • As an aid in our efforts to safeguard our site from all possible threats.
  • To ensure impressive presentation of our content on the site.
  • To invite reviews necessary for the advancement of our site


We may periodically send marketing mails to our users which are subject to the users joining the mailing list. This is however not an obligation when joining the site. The third parties under our employ may also require your personal information to contact you on our behalf. Such a process is however, never initiated by AllIMTools, without the consent of users. You also have the option of discontinuing the delivery of all marketing and communications content by reaching us at [email protected] Discontinuing this particular feature will however, not cause any hindrance during the rest of your use of our service.

Possible uses

  • Contacting you through our third parties or through texts, emails or posts to deliver our communication and marketing ads to you
  • Using social media platforms on third parties to connect with you and allowing access to your information to those third parties
  • Offering our users our guidance and recommendations of certain goods and services which we feel might interest them
  • Using your responses to gauge the efficiency of our communications and marketing.


All your personal data is under our care but if any outside source is used by us to make our service available to you, your personal data may be provided to those sources by us. Our website may also feature links to others. We however refuse to hold ourselves accountable for any security, privacy and content related practice methods of those other sites even if you have found your way to them through our site and come to us for us services through them. It is therefore imperative to use your wise discretion and thoroughly go through the policy pertaining to privacy of each site individually before ensuring yourself how comfortable you are of passing on information concerning yourself. Any sale or merger of business, either of our with outside businesses or vice versa, may require the passing on of your personal information to the new authorized owners. Such a process however, will only be conducted in the most legally safe way.

If any outside source of third party is authorized to act on our behalf in the delivery and provisions of our services to you, we will be required to allow them access to your information for the activity to be carried out. By continuing your employment of this site, you therefore give us the permission to pass on your personal information to all such sources partnering with us. You may however rest assured that we will not allow any such party to use your information whose privacy provisions fall short or who may want it for marketing and advertisement purposes.

Your information will not be exploited by means of sale, distribution and exposure and such too will only be conducted if we are influenced by the law to do so or for professional development. Your information will only remain under our ownership for as long as is stipulated by the law..


Your information remains safely under our care on our providers of web service, our physical offices, our company for email marketing and our official centers of product completion.

Any comment left by you on our website is gathered by our hosting company as part of your data. Such information includes the comment time, avatar, name, content itself and IP address.

All our European users may rest assured that any information we accumulate from you is then passed on to a safe place away from the area of European Economy (EEA). Our staff may access it to process it for suppliers, our team or our contractors abroad. Certain zones beyond the EEA may have legal policies that our at par with ours but we assure you however that we work in strong collaboration with our suppliers and contractors to ensure that integral steps are taken to safeguard your personal data as per our policy standards. We take it as your consent to this process when you willingly supply your information to us.

All users are however aware of the fact no web data transfer is ever 100% safe from threats. Any transfers of data from you, to us, on our site, is always exposed to risks unforeseen and beyond our control despite us doing our utmost to be precautious. Once you have delivered your data to us, we will go over and beyond to protect your information from foreign access.

We lay strong emphasis on following a procedure that secures data from dangers posed by any foreign sources and block any illegal access.


We only allow access to your data based on the following:

  • When you have consented to let us pass on the information to any third party working with us
  • We may pass on your information to all those sources under our employ for delivering services such as disbursement method, data scrutiny, provision of tech, infrastructure and information, email supply, customer care, auditing and so on.


You have the right to use our Site without consenting to marketing and communication services that we provide. We will inform you (before collecting your data) if we intend to use your data for such purposes or if we intend to disclose your information to any third party for such purposes. We always use the most recently submitted form to be your current consent status. If you are a registered user, but not signed in when you submit a form, we will not be able to use your saved settings so will deem your consent choice to be as per the form you submit at the time. You can exercise your right to prevent such processing by ticking certain boxes on the forms we use to collect your data. You can also exercise the right at any time by contacting us at [email protected]


You can always opt out of services for communications and marketing. You will always receive a prior notification by us if we plan on any such transfer purposes. Forms that are most recently submitted are considered as the current status of agreement. As a registered user if you have signed in when the form has been submitted, the settings saved will not be utilized by us. We will consider the form submitted as the choice of your consent. Any rights you wish to practice can be done so but selecting certain box when the form is being filled. Or you may also convey it to us by emailing [email protected]

A summary of your rights are

  • You can communicate to us your wish to stay away from robotic profiling or decision making for you, asking personally sensitive data, any information asked which you don’t find pertinent, passing out information beyond the EEA. You should however be informed that some usage of our site maybe disabled for you as per your options.
  • You can make your way to your own information provided to us on your account or you may get in touch with us
  • You may reach out to us to rectify and erroneous information provided
  • Your data is easily transferable if you wish to take it to other sources
  • When some of your information becomes redundant or not usable, you may inform us to have it removed from our records.

For putting into use any of these given rights, please get in touch with us. Clarify precisely in your address which rights you want to avail and which data you are address particular. We promise to act upon your request as soon as is possible for us and not more than a month’s notice. Your request will be thoroughly looked upon after all verification is done on our behalf.

The Act for Data Protection (1998) and the European GDPR allows you the authority of accessing information held about you.

However, we will not be required lawfully to delete your data even upon your wish of not having it processed.


We prioritize any grievances you may have against us. For this purpose, we implore you to reach out to us with your complaints at [email protected] We vow to rectify any shortcomings in our services within the time span of 30 days but any failure to do so on our part allows to contact your local authorities for protection supervisory.


Our service may refer to links of outside sources which are not under the employ of AllIMTools. You are therefore advised to thoroughly go through their policy of privacy as all of their content and products are not endorsed by us.


All commercially sufficient efforts are exerted by us to protect your information but as mentioned earlier, no data transmission through the internet is ever 100% secure. We therefore cannot guarantee against foreign intrusion and cannot assume liability for unauthorized access. We request not to make any confidential data to be made available by you on our service

Your safety lies in your hands to a great extent. Ensure the limitation of availability of your personal device into the hands of strangers. If a publicly shared device is used, them make sure you sign out of the services each time after use.

We take your use or of our services and the provision of your information as a consent to allow us to get in touch with you concerning management, administrative, security and privacy related issues as per our service.


We may deliver, transfer or store your data provided to us, in places beyond the country you live where the legal standards of protection may not be the same compared to your state or certain other parts of the world. When you accept the terms of this policy, you however willingly consent to this process. We on the other hand, assure you that no careless or neglect will be shown in safeguarding your personal data.


AllIMTools holds the right to keep your data in store even after you have deleted your account, whether in parts or as an aggregate. However, AllIMTools does not imply the availability of any information after such a discontinuation of use.


The accuracy of all personal information is directly your responsibility. Any changes or updates are to be made by you for the Service. If you believe that any incorrect information has been supplied by you, please contact AllIMTools at your earliest at [email protected]